Words, now pictures

We’ve just come back from sitting in a darkened canalside room reading all of the writing submissions for issue one of Dirty Bristow… stunning quality, some short some long, all different styles — it’s shaping up to be great.

Now we need to get the pictures sorted — the idea is to have one person work on a visual accompaniment to each piece of writing, so we need a good few illustrators, photographers, designers, artists. Anyone who makes pictures.

There’s no money, but you will get a copy of the most beautiful magazine we can make and hopefully it’ll be enjoyable too.

If that sounds cool, drop us a line at editorial@dirtybristow.co.uk and include a link to some of your stuff. We’ll then match an illustrator with each of the articles, send you the text and let you get on with it.

We want to get this sorted fairly quickly, so you’ll get a couple of weeks to work on your thing.

[we’ve got everything for issue one now, thanks. Watch this space for issue two]

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