What’s going on?

Now with the stirrings having been a month ago, and no real sounds from us apart from us changing our Twitter avatar, or hinting that ‘exciting developments are coming soon’. You may be wandering why has there been no developments, exciting or otherwise, and why hasn’t a magazine materialised.

Well, it turns out that producing a magazine of high quality, especially one that doesn’t fit work to the available space left after selling adverts, isn’t quite as easy, or cheap, as we thought. Rest assured we are working as hard as two men with full time jobs can work, which is bloody hard indeed — we have meetings in the Hare and Hounds every week without fail. The magazine is being laid out and as you can see we now have a snazzy logo (look up damn you).

Now don’t feel sorry for us, this project is a labour of love and as such we want to assure we are committed to make it happen. We are also working hard to come up with some fundraising ideas to supplement the large amount of money we are both putting up to get the magazine printed. We hope we can start offering you guys opportunities to support the project real soon. As has been mentioned before we intend to find ways of funding the magazine with a series of different business models that don’t include compromising the quality or integrity of the magazine itself.

Please watch this space or our twitter profile @dirtybristowmag for some exciting developments real soon. Soon like this week, honest.

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