How Dirty Bristow is made

The story of your favourite magazine, first published in the Scorcher annual 1975.

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There was a time when a magazine was a thin shiny bunch of A4 bearing only a few scrappy witticisms written by work experience children wrapped around adverts for male grooming products. After the bus journey hundreds of discarded zines were left screwed up in that gap between the back and the seat. Dirty Bristow is now a beautifully printed magazine some of it in full colour. Co-edited by Danny Smith (seen on right). the “Magazine” is packed with interesting features for pre-kick off and post-wank reading and seldom are any copies left behind by fans.

Editing, organising and writing his bit for the magazine is a full-time job for Danny Smith. It’s a pity he has another one too. Every issue contains a special informative over-written piece by the other editor Jon Bounds. There’s Danny (right), chatting it over with Jon.
In the picture below he is discussing the layout of the seventy-odd pages with an expert on the mag’s staff.

The editor is also a pretentious artist-type. Here he is taking some shots of schoolkids doing PE, then back to his office (below) where he shows Mat Atkins some of the writing. Mat has to check the spelling as the editors are functioning word spazzes.

After many hours of work the next Dirty Bristow magazine begins to take shape so off goes Danny to the printers for a last look at the plates of the various pages before they are destroyed and the typesetting staff made redundant and some kids from the local tech employed instead. When he gives his okay the huge printing presses start rolling and around 1,000 copies are printed of gullible purchasers.

Dirty Bristow is one of the very few without any adverts (above) — perhaps that why Bristow need 100 sellers around the Midlands when it comes out handing out copies at the Dirty Bristow Summer Fete. It’s a costly production but well worth the price. It’s one of the finest in the League!

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