Dirty Bristow are The Village Green Preservation Society

The Mayor of Dirty Bristow and Deirdre (WI)

If you managed to get past Deirdre into our first fundraising event, and launch party on Saturday, thank you. The comedians were funny, the music was loud, scary, and wonderful, and the vegetables were miss-shapen.

Dirty Bristow Launch

A huge army of volunteers, like any village must have in this big society, were required to stage a fête in the middle of urban decay and you’ll have to excuse us if we take a second to attempt to list them:

The Entertainers: 8-Bit Ninjas, GlatzeBrumcast, Gavin Wray, Tom Lennon, Harry Vale, Prof. Michael Grimes

The Stall-holders: Midge, Pete Ashton, Shona McQuillan, Annabel, Kate, Matkins and Craig (for playing Deirdre so well).

Plus all sorts of  support from Rill, Danny’s Mum and Dad, Julia, her mum, Stuart and the wonderful Lee and Sandra from Friction Arts for the use of the Village Green.

Fiona, Sas, Julia, Gavin, Pete, and Andy all took photos (if you did too, leave us a link in the comments).

It was brilliant, we made some money towards the first edition.

And no-one died. Although Chris didn’t make it.
Dirty Bristow Summer Fete -10

If you missed it you can still buy the magazine of course…


3 birds swooping


  1. Andy N (aka Whizzyfinger) says:

    Great Fete and launch…Thanks for the mention. Feel free to use any photoss from my galery. If you want higher resolution/unwatermarked copies please ask.

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