Super Moxy goes Balistic, Headlines are Atrocious

We’re planning* to have a new website for every issue. Good web designers and developers are artists just as much as writers or illustrators, and much more than contemporary dancers (hem, hem), so we want to let them loose too. Mark Steadman, trading as Moxypark, is one of our favourites, so we bunged him much of the content of the magazine and said — “build us a new website relating to all that. For nothing.”.

Surprisingly he did:

“There’s something very handmade and fanziney about the magazine which I wanted to try and convey with the design for the site. With articles coming from so many different sources and dealing with such varying topics, I wanted a header which felt sort of pasted together. It was this that gave me some inspiration for the headline generator, which is a WordPress plugin I wrote specially for the site.”

The headline generator pulls words from our local papers and lets you reorganise them into better headlines — see if you can do better than Trinity Mirror’s overworked subs desk…

Make your own headline :: dirty bristow

*it may yet gand aft aglay of course.

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