You are coming, aren’t you?

To the fête? Cos if you don’t you’ll miss:

Getting a copy of Dirty Bristow issue one before the regular punters.

A pile of Dirty Bristow Issue One

Seeing these two men do funny things:

Hearing these:
8-Bit Ninjas – Fight in a Bus Stop by crazygibbon

Glatze – Glatze (Live) by The Centrifuge

Splatting rats:

Can you do Environmental Heath's job for them? @graphiqu... on Twitpic

Buzzing buzzers:

More #DirtyBristow teasers, limber up y' wrists & tame y' Parkinsons cos do this quick enough & y' may bag some booze

Darting darts:

Board, cards, darts

Competing vegetables (bring vegetables):

Gourd Row

Bungee-ing Bears (bring bears):

Holding pegs:

Winning booze:

Nomming cake:

WIN this death by choccy cake/bar mashup extravaganza wot I c... on Twitpic

and that sort of stuff.

From 6pm Sat 28th Aug. At The Edge.

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3 birds swooping