New Stockists

You can now pick up a copy of Issue One not only via the 1s and 0s of the intertubes, but from a number of city centre outlets:

Nostalgia and Comics: Brum’s long-serving independent comics store, why not pick up a Wonder Woman action figure at the same time? 14-16 Smallbrook Queensway,  B5 4EN

Urban Coffee Company: Probably the best coffee shop in Birmingham, and certainly the most likely to be frequented by The Man From Uncle. 30 Church Street, B3 2NP

and not forgetting that wherever TTV Artist Pete Ashton pitches stall you can beg him to sell you a copy and maybe too a signed print. Where’s Pete? Here including at ArtsFest.

If you know or run a shop or other outlet that will take a few copies (sale or return, even a discount maybe) then please contact us:

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