Issue Two Deadline

“I love deadlines, I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly past”

Douglas Adams

The writing deadline has been and gone and we’re a little light on all the entries that we want for next issue, but that’s ok. To be perfectly honest we havn’t been doing our jobs very well for the last few weeks. Danny’s in the process of throwing his whole life into a mindless chaos for what seems like shits and giggles and Jon is wrestling with other projects.

So lets start again shall we the new absolutely final deadline is Nov 1st.

Thank you so much to all the pople that worked really hard to meet deadline and have already sent stuff. We have been lax latley but have some really exciting ideas for next issue and another chance to show your suport while getting pie eyed drunk real soon. If you’re thinking of getting going now, here’s the full sp.

Tell everyone we need your words by Nov 1st.

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One comment

  1. Dan Davies 23 says:

    Hi folks.

    Sorry I haven’t submitted so far. I’ve been really busy relocating.

    I will try and get something written by the new deadline.