Win your weight in booze*! At the Four King Hard Quiz

Saturday 13th November from 8pm ’til Late

At The Old Royal, Corner of Church Street, and Cornwall Street, Birmingham City Centre.

Four King Hard Quiz Sat 13th Nov from 8pm 'til Late

It’s the most difficult pub quiz you’ve even attended — and every penny raised goes towards printing and other costs of this most individual, independent and inspiring of magazines.

It’s a quiz so hard, that you’re allowed to cheat. It’s a test of your logic, your search powers and your network as much as your general knowledge. Bring mobiles, laptops, dongles, encyclopedias, get a phone-a-friend poised… you’ll need them.

There are four rounds, each set and judged by a King, and a blockbuster that would block buster out. Special guest royalty to be announced…

Kings may include:

  • Mark King out of Level 42
  • Martin Luther King
  • The King of Pop

more Kings, and the Four Kings will be previewed.

It’s £5 per person, and you can have any number in a teams up to 6. But the grand prize is the average weight of team members in booze (we choose the booze, it’ll be available to take away), so not only do you want fat lads you want as small a number as possible (fat lasses too, but we didn’t want to mention it).

Buy your ticket now in advance  — £5

You get a paypal receipt, we get your name. It’ll be on the door. Payment on the door is fine, but a ticket guarantees entry.

More details.

*Average weight of team members, pal up with a fat lad, or lads, or lass. We choose the booze.

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