Why can’t you play cards in the Jungle? Why you need to cheat at the Four King Hard Quiz

Because the parrots eat them all of course.

When we say you’re allowed to ‘cheat’ at the Four King Hard Quiz (that’s this Saturday, 13th, at the Old Royal you know) we really mean you need to.

While you can play without the Internet, or a phone, or books… you’ll find it pretty tough guessing. To win the grand royal prize of YOUR WIEGHT IN BOOZE* your team will have to best others with logic, search skills and lateral thinking — not just general knowledge. This is the hardest quiz possible and the questions are written to be un-google-able as near as dammit.

How is this possible?  Well, we worked damn hard at it.

Someone tried something a bit similar in London, we’re thinking in not as fun a way — there’s no King Kong or weights of booze mentioned — but here’s a fella from Prospect Magazine’s take:

“I’m sitting with my wife and two increasingly bemused friends experiencing the future of quizzing—or at least the future of quizzing in countries with high rates of iPhone ownership and comprehensive 3G networks. We’re in the Coach and Horses, Soho, and pretty much the only rule is that anything goes. Short of assaulting our two quiz-masters with a blunt weapon, there is nothing we can’t do, or won’t need to have done by the end of the evening if we want any chance of victory. We can call friends. We can use the internet. We can crowd-source our queries out to our thousands—well, tens—of Twitter followers. We can even, I have discovered, simultaneously phone National Rail Enquiries and send an inordinately expensive text message to the mobile phone service Any Question Answered, although neither of those options does much good.”

Sounds fun, dunnit? Here’s how we’re working it:

Four rounds, each presided over by a King… each round will have a window of 15 minutes to be completed in… and within that time you can do anything you like to try to answer the questions: Google, phone people, run round Birmingham looking for clues, ask Twitter, Facebook or even read a damn book.

Four King Hard Quiz Sat 13th Nov from 8pm 'til Late

The pub claims to have wifi “via the cloud” and is also near enough to a BT Openzone wifi hotspot to get good coverage (and this one is free on iPhone via O2, I’ve checked) — BUT connectivity is up to you, your 3G phones, tethering, mi-fis and dongles are a good bring. Go on bring the Daily Mirror big book of facts too.

*Average (mean) weight of team, all booze to be weighed with normal packaging as supplied and will be available to take home on the night (or delivered later if you’re not driving).

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