Welcome to the human race — ELO-ke Night 2nd April

ELO-ke Night

Tickets £4 (including a free copy of Dirty  Bristow issue one)

Premium Ticket—get first dibs on a song* £5 

* Buy the ticket (or tickets) and add a Note to seller: on PayPal for each premium ticket you buy. First come first served on each ELO song so calling first dibs doesn’t guarantee first sing if someone has called it before you. You can’t call Mr Blue Sky as we’re all singing that together last thing.

Join us a Brum’s premier mod hang out on the first Saturday in April.

When you’ve pressed ‘Buy Now’ tickets appear in your cart on the right. Bring the Paypal email with you, we’ll know who’s paid that way.

Please download and print off an ELO-ke Night poster for your home, pub or workplace.

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