Letters to the editors, other people called Bristow edition.

The wonderfully named Heather Bristow writes:

I am interested to know where you go your name from??? And if you ever have a team that plays in the quiz at the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath?? :)

Danny replies:

Hello Heather

The name is a filthy sex act, we used this for several reasons:

1. Me and co-editor Jon are fans of 80’s working class icons
2. Me and co-editor Jon are fans of filthy sex acts
3. To stop ourselves taking ourselves too seriously

as far as I know the magazine has never used the name at the H&H quiz, but Dirty Bristow is quite widely known term so could have been anyone.


P.S can we use your email (with the address taken out) as a blog post?

And apart from getting the bit about the quiz wrong (we did enter, and we came second), that was that.


Are you called ‘Bristow’, do you have a question for us?


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  1. Rich Spencer says:

    I can’t think of the name Bristow without thinking of Frank Dickens’ little man: http://www.frankdickens.com/

  2. Jon Bounds says:

    We thought of him too. Nice taché.