Dirty Bristow: Beast — The Tape

Originally a free cassette with Dirty Bristow issue two.

Now, the humble tapes we attached to the front of our magazine aren’t exactly re-inventing the wheel. They’re more of a homage to the magazines we bought as a kid. We hope by making you take out your old Walkmans, car stereos or the old clock radio we will spark you to look again at a the tape, a format that shaped our musical tastes, got us through long car journeys with our siblings and sound-tracked our teenage lives.

Dirty Bristow – Beast The Cassette by Dirty Bristow on Mixcloud

Rotunda: Hungry Like the Wolf
Brum’s punk stalwarts take on the Duran classic. These lads are much more Gas Street Basin than Rio, but this is possibly the most Birmingham piece of sound ever committed to magnetism.

8-Bit Ninjas: Deer Dance
How can you make System of a Down’s depressingly timely protest over the police’s brutal treatment of anti-goverment dissenters any more frenetic and weird? Well the Ninjas have the answer chip-tune the living shit out of it and add vocals by a robot William Shatner.

Trevor Sensitive and the Locals: Black Cat
The lo-fi indie heroes’ tribute to the sad loss of Broadcast’s Trish Keenan. One of Broadcast’s most beautiful songs reworked and stripped down still has its haunting, edgy, power.

Mr Underwood: Albatross
Sound pervert Mr Underwood grunts his load over a track you’d normally associate with Marks and Spencer adverts. Peter Green has made nearly six quid in royalties from this long cover.

And of course there’s the GAME!

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