Mr Underwood

Glatze - musician and live music nutjob

Mr Underwood illustrated Phil Barber’s article ‘Cock Art’ from Issue One of Dirty Bristow. He did it by way of this exclusive track:

Dirty Bristow by Mr Underwood

“Reading Phil’s article made me both angry and yet somehow resigned to the outcome. My tune is meant to reflect that, through the balance of driving, relentless repetition and the increasingly gnarly synth noises. The more I read the more I wanted to punch out. Thanks Phil.

As a bonus, the sound in the middle of the tune looks like the image (below), when the spectral frequency is viewed. At the time the article had no title, so I just picked a phrase from it. You will have to imagine what ‘Cock Art’ would’ve sounded like.”

Sound wave with 'Where did you get that idea?' in

by Sam Underwood