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For each issue we make a concession to the 20th century and ask one of our favourite future-boys to redesign the website in response to the contents of the issue. After reading all the words and looking at all the pictures, webexpert Gavin Wray (pictured) came up with *this*, you know like you can see all around you.

Gavin Wray Photo


(Issue two will be out very very soon, btw.)


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Mr Blue Sky

It’s Birmingham’s national anthem, you know:



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Letters to the editors, other people called Bristow edition.

The wonderfully named Heather Bristow writes:

I am interested to know where you go your name from??? And if you ever have a team that plays in the quiz at the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath?? :)

Danny replies:

Hello Heather

The name is a filthy sex act, we used this for several reasons:

1. Me and co-editor Jon are fans of 80’s working class icons
2. Me and co-editor Jon are fans of filthy sex acts
3. To stop ourselves taking ourselves too seriously

as far as I know the magazine has never used the name at the H&H quiz, but Dirty Bristow is quite widely known term so could have been anyone.


P.S can we use your email (with the address taken out) as a blog post?

And apart from getting the bit about the quiz wrong (we did enter, and we came second), that was that.


Are you called ‘Bristow’, do you have a question for us?


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Welcome to the human race — ELO-ke Night 2nd April

ELO-ke Night

Tickets £4 (including a free copy of Dirty  Bristow issue one)

Premium Ticket—get first dibs on a song* £5 

* Buy the ticket (or tickets) and add a Note to seller: on PayPal for each premium ticket you buy. First come first served on each ELO song so calling first dibs doesn’t guarantee first sing if someone has called it before you. You can’t call Mr Blue Sky as we’re all singing that together last thing.

Join us a Brum’s premier mod hang out on the first Saturday in April.

When you’ve pressed ‘Buy Now’ tickets appear in your cart on the right. Bring the Paypal email with you, we’ll know who’s paid that way.

Please download and print off an ELO-ke Night poster for your home, pub or workplace.

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Dirty Bristow Issue One Sale — now just £2.50 inc p+p

In the run up to issue two (coming late March-ish) we’re dropping the price of issue one direct from us — from £4 posted in the UK to £2.50.

Issue One

Cover by Pete Ashton

Is 64 pages packed with essays, stories, opinion pieces and artwork on the theme of ‘Birth’, wrapped in a gorgeous cover. See more info.

Get a copy now for £ 4 2.50 inc UK p+p

See what artists can do with no ads and no rules.

  • Europe £ 5.50 4.50
  • Worldwide £ 6.50 5.50

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